About Us


Technology drives business today.  From people working remote from home to allowing small businesses to compete globally, technology is driving companies today.  However, small businesses and non-profits are being left behind because they do not have the resources to compete with the larger companies... At least, that is the stigma today.  But it could not be farther from the truth.

 Leveraged IT was founded to assist small-business and non-profits compete today for their customers.  Small business makes up the backbone of our economy today.  According to the U.S. Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy report from 2014, Kentucky has over 340,000 small businesses, and in Tennessee, there are over 564,000. (source: sba.gov)  This number does not include non-profits providing valuable services to its populations.  From home-town pharmacies and doctor's offices to water well drilling companies and horse farms, technology is changing the landscape of how these companies operate today and service their customers.

Leveraged IT was founded to help these companies.  Instead of focusing on large contracts and large companies, Leveraged IT is focused on providing first class expertise to the companies and services which need it most.

Therefore Leveraged IT Solutions was founded with a military ethic to serve our clients and customers with a Christian-based philosophy to be honest, ethical, and transparent.  These include:

  • Giving our clients access to the insights and tickets generated by their systems so that at any time they can see the health of their network.
  • Ensuring the technology they have already invested for compatibility before recommending new purchases or upgrades to their existing infrastructure.
  • Establishing clear plans for technology paths with clear milestones during projects.

We want to be partners with our clients to always make sure the technology they use daily to serve their customers functions the way it should, seamlessly and behind the scenes.


Our Story

Everyone struggles with the rapid pace that technology changes.  One of the most common questions we heard in our careers was, "Do I need to upgrade?"  And most of the companies we worked for made us answer: "Yes."

It went against everything we as IT professionals know to actually be true.  Most times, the correct answer is, "No, your current device can do that and here is how you do it..."

This is why Leveraged IT was founded.  We wanted to give honest answers to the questions surrounding technology.  We wanted to give the most cost-effective answers and give businesses the best Return On Investment (ROI) for their technology purchases.  We wanted to honestly tell our clients that the newest bell and whistle was not the answer, that training their staff was.  We wanted to show our clients that backup solutions to their data was affordable.

Therefore, Leveraged IT stands on Christian principles, doing what is best for the customer first, guiding them with honest answers, and being transparent with our customers.

Meet the Team

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Bill Helton

Founder & CEO

Tech Enthusiast, "Bossman", and weekend Drummer!

Jacob Strozyk

Sales & Technical

Avid cyclist and professional "handles everything" guy

Elizabeth Whitley


High Tech Tiny Home Enthusiast

Next Steps...

We hope you have learned about our company and what makes us different.  If you have questions about us, about the services we offer, or how we can help, please do not hesitate to contact us!  We promise someone will call or email you back.