Better Way to Achieve Success

Leveraged IT Solutions entered into business because of a serious need in Kentucky. While there are many IT firms, most chase large firms and large contracts. We decided instead to focus on people in non-profits and small business first. The reason was simple, these business are the corner of our economy and were being overlooked.

When a small company looses a computer due to a failed update or a system failure, it can be catastrophic. Many small businesses do not have the expertise to understand backups and security policies and more. They work to figure this out on their own, but do not have the necessary skills.

Leveraged IT entered to give people a better way to succeed. We partner with our clients and help them to develop a strategy that removes the technology barrier and allows them to focus on what they do best. We focus on the technology.

And we also spend time with our clients to teach them how to use the technology around them more effectively. From their laptops to mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, we help our clients better understand how to use their devices. This way, they are more responsive to their customers’ needs and demands.

If you are struggling with your technology, or need help finding a plan on where to go next to meet the challenges coming in the near future, please contact us and lets have a discussion.