Home Office & Small Business Solutions

Small businesses and home-based businesses are two of the largest segments in America.  Technology has given these small companies the ability to target a global audience.  Not to long ago, companies were restricted to their geographical location.  Today, small thriving businesses are being ran everywhere and reaching the audiences worldwide through the web.

Yet that means the technology driving these companies are critical.  A crashed laptop or server can mean lost revenue to the business.  Viruses can mean exposed payment systems and customer information.  Today’s global economy has exposed small companies to new threats which they are still adapting to.  And some of the risks they haven’t even thought of yet.

Leveraged IT Solutions started with this market with the goal of bringing the expertise and knowledge of larger companies to the inner-workings of small business and home-based businesses.  We want to ensure their systems are protected, their data secure, and their companies thriving.

Please explore through some of the services we offer to our clients.  We are ready to help you protect your company.

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