Smart Home

Our homes are becoming more integrated and complex.  We surround ourselves with devices which can talk to each other and adjust depending on if we are home, what we are doing, and so much more.

Just think about it for a second about homes 10 years ago and homes today.

10 Years ago:

  • Changing the temp in the house meant going to the thermostat
  • Turning on the light meant physically flipping a switch
  • Changing the channel meant grabbing the Cable Remote.
  • Changing the volume meant grabbing the TV Remote.

Today, changing the temp means using an app on your phone or tablet.  You can also change it with your voice if you have Google Home™, Amazon Alexa™, or Apple HomeKit™.  Universal remotes are now smart enough to know what is turned on, what is off, what systems to turn on/off to perform whatever you are wanting to do.  Multi-zonal systems can play different music in different rooms from completely different sources.

We work with our customers to figure out what they need, what they already have, and then we work to make sure the next purchases and integrations work as expected.

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