TV Mounting

Residential TV Mounting

A brief history

One of the first things Leveraged IT began doing in residential services was mounting TVs correctly.  We had already mounted systems commercially for our clients, and we were asked to mount them in residential settings as well.

Why we do it

Here is why we decided to start mounting TVs for residential locations.  Check out our post on TV’s falling and hurting children here.  Here is the short of that post: A child is hurt every 30 minutes by falling TVs.  It that simple.  As the owner of Leveraged IT Solutions, I have children that are the center of my universe.  And TV’s are big, heavy, beautiful pieces to my entertainment center.  But the key here is to make them safe.

How we do it

There is a lot that goes into mounting a TV correctly.

1) Do you own the property?  If not, do you have permission to mount the TV to the wall?

2) Is the wall being mounted on flat or is the TV going in a corner?

3) Is the surface drywall?  Brick or Stone?  If it is Brick or Stone, is it solid, veneer,  or faux?

4) Can you find the studs in the wall if it is faux stone/brick (THIS IS A MUST!!!)

5) Do wires need to be concealed in the wall?  Or do they need to be hid in a track?

6) Is there power close by?  Or will a power management system be needed to get power to where the TV will be mounted?

7) Is the bracket to be fixed position?  Or does it need to be full-motion?  (If it is going over a fireplace, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND FULL-MOTION!!!)

8) Is the bracket rated to hold the TV?  If the TVs mounting will be in the reach of kids, it is rated to hold the kids in case they decide to use it as a jungle-gym?

9) If you are going through stone or brick veneer or faux stone/brick, do you have bolts long enough to securely anchor into the studs?  The bolts supplied with the bracket will NOT be long enough!

It is all of these considerations which have our clients come to use time and again for their TV mounting needs.  We make sure to address all of the needs of the client first and foremost.  We ensure the professional installations are done correctly.  Once the TV is up and leveled, the components are hooked up, remotes programmed, and any other services needed so our clients have a product they are ready to enjoy.  And if we need to relocate the hardware to a cabinet or a closet, we can also help with making it all work.  Our goal, just as it is for our business clients, is to get the technology out of the way and allow our customers and clients to enjoy the end result.

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