Website Design and Maintenance

Back when the web started, websites were easy to manage and backup.  There were a few basic files to save and you were done.  The problem was you needed to know how to code in a bunch of languages to create these files.

But as time has passed and the technology has matured.  Today, web-engines like Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, and others have made creating a website easy. The problem is much of the technology driving these platforms is hidden.  And we are past the point of just backing up a few files and being done.  There are databases and more that have to be backed up correctly.

Because all it takes is one failed hosting server or a hacker to bring it all down.

Leveraged IT Solutions is a two-fold solution to your website needs.  First, we have a team which can bring your ideas to life.  Whether you need a basic website to establish your first online presence or you need a full-service platform to sell from (e-commerce), we have the technology to help you find the correct hosting partner and then build your custom sight for you.

But the work doesn't end there.  We will train you and your staff how to use this site.  Once this is done, we can do advanced tie-ins for Facebook, Twitter, and more to keep your audience socially engaged with your name and product.  

Once we have your site built, we need to ensure it stays up and running.  Whether it is a space for advertising and allowing prospective clients to get to know you, or an e-commerce site where you sell your product to the world, it must stay up and running.  And things will happen which could jeopardize this.  A bad update (yes, websites today update just like your computer), a problem with the server your site runs on, and malicious hackers and viruses are just some of the things that could bring your site down.  We have tools in place to help backup and restore your website if this should happen.