Hosting: Website & Email

A company’s website and email are some of their most critical communications.  Your website tells the world who your company is.  The second is your communication channel for sales, support, contracts, and so many other facets of your company’s business cycle.

Leveraged IT is here to help our clients.  We have worked to provide the best solutions for our clients depending on their needs.  Maybe your company needs a simplified email which syncs between their devices.  Or maybe you need a centralized platform for team collaborations or more advanced email features.  Or maybe you are looking to find a way to allow multiple locations to work seamlessly together.  Leveraged IT has the platforms and skill sets to provide these services to our clients.

We also provide simplified and advanced website solutions as well on our platform.   From a basic 1 page website to advanced website needs including e-commerce, Leveraged IT has a platform which can host your site.

We also have advanced data protections for both your email and website depending on needs.  We want to make sure your systems are protected so that you don’t have to worry about the what-ifs of technology.

If you are looking for hosting solutions, please visit our hosting site at:  If you need assistance with advanced website or email solutions, call us at our numbers above and we will assist you with making the correct choice for your business needs.