IT Services & Project Management


The purpose of IT Services is simple.  We focus on all of the technology you rely on so that you can focus on your business.  We provide services for all of your technology needs.  From Help Desk, on-site and remote support, network services, security services, voice solutions, and backup and data recovery. We focus on all of these areas so that you can focus on delivering the best service to your customers.

We want to be your sole technology vendor.  We partner with you and learn your business.  Then, we partner with you to ensure your IT infrastructure to design the best solution for your company.

Our goal is you.  We want your business to thrive.  When you partner with Leveraged IT, you know your company and employee needs will come first.  Our client-focus services are built around your needs.  And our technicians and professionals care about your company and take a people-first approach to solving your needs.

This is the reason we provide a variety of services.  We know that not every client will need every service we provide.  However, our diverse portfolio means that we will be able to provide your company with tailored and focused solutions for your company.


Not all IT needs are on-going.  Some needs are project based.  And Leveraged IT has the experience to assist our clients bring these projects to live to facilitate growth and resolve issues which need to be resolved.  Whether it is replacing or extending a wireless network or deploying a new phone system, there are times when Projects are going to come up in a business’s technology needs.

Here are a few examples.

  • Physical Network build or extension
  • Website Hosting
  • Website Build
  • Workstation / Laptop refresh

Leveraged IT works to provide Project Management for our clients.  Whether it is a one-off project, or a continuing project, we work to meet our clients needs. Our goal is to provide the technical expertise our clients need so that they can focus on their business.

Our Project Management philosophy is based on the same principles of our other services.  Client First.  We want to meet our client needs and remove the technology barriers that hold them back.

A perfect example of a project management would be a website.  Leveraged IT provides website hosting and email solutions.  We also provide website support and maintenance.  We can assist with the construction of a website.  However, we do not do graphic design or other facets of a website design.  We work with other top companies on this project to bring the entire project to the customer.  We are the client’s interface during the entire project.  Even though we may leverage another company’s talents, we maintain project management control so that all facets of the project get delivered on-time and on-budget.