Managed Services & Data Backup


Managed Services are critical to any business today.  Whether they are managed in-house or externally, your critical IT services need to be maintained.  These include your local systems, servers, and email platforms as well as any business software which your company relies on.

MSP’s (Managed Service Providers) help to fill in the gap where small businesses need help to manage all of the technology their company relies on.  Instead of working when something breaks, we keep these to a minimum by performing maintenance and other services beforehand.  Think of it like changing the oil in your car.  Instead of never doing it and ending up with an expensive repair bill, we make sure these preventative measures are taken to minimize failures in the future.


Part of Managed Services is protecting our clients.  From a catastrophic failure of a key platform to a natural disaster, the data our clients generate is critical to their functions.  And in this event, these failures mean a halt to business operations.

Leveraged IT works with our clients to ensure they have a data disaster and recovery plan.  This data and disaster management means our clients have the ability to resume operations in hours instead of days or weeks.

From the start, Leveraged IT was about one goal.  We have a client-first focus to protect our clients and assist them with their technology needs so they can focus on their clients.