Non-Profit Solutions

Fistfull of cashIf Small Business is the heart of our towns and cities, then Non-Profits are their soul.  The Non-Profits around Kentucky and Tennessee provide critical services to a variety of people making our communities stronger, safer, and cleaner.  They provide services to clean up community parks and streams, help the homeless find food and shelter, provide financial assistance to those in dire need, assist disabled veterans, food banks, churches, and so many other services that we cannot begin to mention.

All of this work they perform means these operations run as efficient as possible.  The more efficient they are, the more money goes toward helping their communities.  Technology is giving Non-Profits today the ability to solicit donations nationwide instead of just from a handful of donor, more effectively organize their staff and volunteers, reach a greater audience of people needing their services, social media engagement, and so much more.  Technology is quickly changing the way Non-Profits operate.

We partner with Non-Profits to help them maximize their Technology Investments to ensure their goals are met.  We work with our partners from project concept all the way through to completion to maximize their investment.  Plus we are there to assist with training and helping the staff and volunteers understand the technology they use.

The same services we offer to small businesses apply to non-profits.  Please explore the small business section and then let us know where your non-profit wants to go next.