Our Philosophy: Family

Leveraged IT has a central focus on our customers and personnel. Everyone is FAMILY.

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Our clients are our family. And they are a diverse set of users, backgrounds, and industries. We work to support their missions and their clients.

To our clients, we want to be a central part of your team, your FAMILY. We promise to take care of your employees and equipment as if they were our own. It’s a core tenant to make sure we treat every client like they are special. We treat them like we want to be treated.

When we work for our clients, we know you have put your trust in us to help provide for your business. You have trusted us to provide you with solutions that work. And you have trusted us to make every attempt to come in on-budget.

We honor this trust by providing a portal to seeing tickets, open or history, to see resolutions and where we are at on implementations or reported problems. We work to provide honest billing by billing incrementally for time worked and not “milking the clock” on our clients. And we take the time to help our clients understand what is going on. We take our commitments seriously at Leveraged IT. This is what it means treating each client as if they are FAMILY…because they are.

But our philosophy extends past how we treat clients to how we treat our employees. They are FAMILY as well.

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Leveraged IT looks for individuals that thrive in a dynamic company. They have trusted us to provide for their families. And in return, they help provide the solutions our clients (also our family) need.

We want to make sure that each person in our family grows. We want to make sure that each person grows whether they are with us for a short-time or for a career. It is paramount that each person with Leveraged IT has a path for growth. We want to work with our people to help choose certification paths or other options which can further their careers. We also want to help our people with personal development paths as well which may not be career related but are still important. We also want to make sure our employees know what they need to do to advance. We also want each person to feel like they belong and fit.

We also make sure that our people have the ability to spend time with their families as well by helping to find the balance between work and family. From vacation time to being there for important steps in their family’s history, we understand there is more to life than work. So we make sure that each person also has the time to take care of their family.

From my Family to our employees and clients. Thank you. Bill Helton, Owner, Leveraged IT Solutions

Because, their families are part of the LEVERAGED IT FAMILY just like our clients are part of the LEVERAGED IT FAMILY.

We hope this gives some insight into what drives Leveraged IT Solutions. We also hope it helps to understand our business philosophy and what sets us apart.