Wireless Mesh for Apartments

One of our clients recently presented us with a problem they were facing.  They are an apartment complex with multiple building.  They wanted to provide wired and wireless internet to their tenants and leverage their buying power for their tenants.  However, privacy and security of the tenants was an important issue they also wanted to have addressed.

We worked with both the ISP (Internet Service Provider) and the property management to design a wired/wireless solution for the buildings they manage which was scalable and secure.  Each apartment has a unique login which allows all of their devices to work.  They can share pictures and do everything they would normally be able to do if they had their own network.  The difference, each apartment is on a unique VLAN network.  Which means the apartments cannot see each other.  And it doesn’t matter if the connection is wired or wireless, the connections in each apartment are secured to allow their devices to see each other without seeing the other apartments that are part of the same network.

Further, we were able to provide insurance that people cannot come back after they move out and use the internet.  Once a tenant moves out, the login credentials are removed and new ones set up for the next tenant.  This way, new tenants do not have to worry about old tenants getting access to their devices either.

This solution is a great solution for not just an apartment complex though.  Businesses which need to separate departments or other groups for privacy and improved file sharing and efficiency can also deploy this solution as well.  If you would like to know more about this solution, please contact our offices and we will work with you to implement a similar solution for your location,.

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