Remote Management

We pride ourselves with trying to help our clients.  This includes clients on monthly contracts and those who call us out of the blue in hopes we can resolve their issues.

We recently got to help a client with an update to one of their servers which went wrong.  When their vendor updated the software on their software, the vendor overlooked critical components and OS and ended up bring several components offline.  After several attempts to resolve the issue on their own, we were brought on to resolve the issue.

We were able to resolve the issue remotely for the client.  Once the components and OS were updated, the vendor’s patch was reapplied and the server started working again.

While waiting for updates, we did some extra work for the client making them aware of several deficiencies in their network which could cause them problems in the future.

So whether you are one of our clients or looking for someone to help in a pinch and begin building a long-term relationship, we are here to help.

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