Remote & Onsite Support

Things are going to break.  It’s inevitable.  And small businesses and non-profits suffer greatly when it happens.  But what do you do when a system goes down or crashes?

First, we are not going to start sending you from person to person without a solution.  We are going to get you to the right person to resolve the issue.  We are not going to shove you on hold.  One of our technicians is going to take responsibility and help.  No run-around.  Whether you call in a ticket, or submit it online.  Not pass it off.  Not leave you in limbo.  We are going to diagnose the problem.

Our first step is to see if we can remotely resolve your issue.  This eliminates travel and results in a faster resolution.  However, when an onsite technician is needed, they will be sent to fix the problem.

The reason we take this approach is simple. Our focus is on you, the client.  Our people believe in putting our customers first and helping them.  We get Tech, but we also know the tech is second to our customers.  They come first.  We are there for them first.  We want to resolve your technical issues as fast and cost-effectively as possible.