Residential Solutions

Why we do it

We at Leveraged IT got our start assisting small businesses and non-profits with their technology needs.  However, we quickly found ourselves also helping out with the technology needs of residences as well.  We decided to help consumers manage their digital lives and the technology surrounding them due to the ever-growing dependence found in houses, their cars, and everywhere else they go.

The second reason we started to work in the residential was closer to our hearts.  Customers asked us about their digital security and keeping their children safe. These questions gave Leveraged IT another mission:  HELP KEEP FAMILIES SAFE!

  • How do you keep people from getting into your accounts?
  • How do you keep thieves from getting your payment information when shopping online or paying bills?
  • How do you keep your children safe using technology?
  • How do you keep your children safe using technology when you are not there?

Here are a few of the questions we field consistently:

  • Securely mount smart TVs and hide the wiring
  • WIFI drops in and out across the house
  • WIFI coverage needs expanded or has dead-spots
  • Connecting devices to work seamlessly across the house
  • Install smart thermostats, smart door bells, and other home automation devices
  • Security cameras with remote viewing access
  • Cable cutting (as in ditching cable or satellite services for over-the-air broadcast and streaming services)
  • and no much more...

From these questions we constantly got asked, we decided to help this sector as well.  We didn't want to just sell the latest gadget, we wanted to help our customers find the answers to their questions and determine the best solution for their family.

Contact us today to let us help your family stay safe in technology!