Voice Solutions & Unified Communications

Telephone solutions have evolved since the day of the Plain-Old-Telephone-System (POTS).  But it takes an understanding of knowing how things are evolving to understand how to get the most of your investment when selecting a system.

The POTS system is currently being phased out across the nation.  AT&T, Windstream, and other telecoms are pushing hard on state and national legislation to phase out the legacy system and replace it with Voice-Over-IP, cellular-based systems, and other technologies.  The reason is simple, the older analog technology is becoming more and more expensive to maintain as technology increasingly become digital.  And as more people migrate to digital services, analog systems become increasingly more and more expensive to maintain with fewer and fewer users on the older systems.


Leveraged IT decided to launch a Voice-Over-IP (VOIP) service to our clients in Jan 2019 to help combat this.  POTS systems are expensive, and prices keep going up on this service as more and more people move to digital.  But we don’t just over a phone that sits on a desk.  We offer a full-comprehensive voice solution we call “Leveraged Communications.”

“Leveraged Communications” is a platform which combines the various forms of telecomm into one platform.  Our service is a “Find-Me-Follow-Me” service.  Yes, we offer a desk phone. But when you leave the office, then what.  We use a soft phone app on your phone for your calls to be transferred to you.  From there, it goes to you cellphone in case your not in data-service area.

Additionally, the service is easy to deploy and maintain.  Need to add a new phone, we can ship a new phone out and have it ready immediately.  Have an employee need to work from home?  Done, just take your desktop phone at home and plug it into your home modem.  Our platform offers flexibility to businesses to continue to work seamlessly as if in the office no matter where they are.

Let us show you how this service works and see if this will give you and your company the communications solution it has been looking for.