We work for our clients to assist them with their mission. And our clients appreciate that we work to meet their needs.

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Leveraged IT doesn’t quit. We work to find solutions for our clients that meet their needs.

But where Leveraged IT excels is putting the sweat and grit behind our services. WE DON”T QUIT! Not every project is easy. And not every problem has a quick solution. The mark of any good company is going the extra mile and actually “working” for our clients to “earn” their business.

Here is an example:

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Client in need of help from other companies not following through. Leveraged IT excels at finding solutions that work!

A piece of software updates automatically and crashes.

Most IT vendors would get ahold of the software vendor and leave it there. They would not follow up because of the assumption that the software vendor will fix the issue.

This is NOT how Leveraged IT works…

With Leveraged IT Solutions, we are going to contact the vendor. And we are also going to inspect the cause of the failure and check the update release notes while contacting the vendor. (We are not just going to bill you while we sit on hold waiting for the vendor to answer.) Did the patch fail? Or is there another cause? Maybe the Server Operating System (OS) version doesn’t match the Software Patch requirements and the OS needs to be updated. Or maybe there is a new piece of additional software required that the patch needs to function correctly? Or maybe the client needs a new license for the newer software version. Leveraged IT Solutions is going to see the ticket through to completion and make sure everything is working correctly.

Here is another example:

We were recently contracted to install an IT cabinet, pull wire, and install access points in a new apartment complex renovation. We were on-site and did our initial inspections and picked out our equipment locations. When the site was ready for us, we discovered that our cabling paths had been taken and the location for our equipment had water and HVAC above where the cabinet for the hardware would be located. (In case you don’t know, water and electronics don’t mix!). We worked with our client and their contractor, and we quickly found a solution. We chose a new location for the equipment. We also made a few changes to our cable routes and didn’t interfere with the HVAC, water, or electrical routes. And, most importantly, we got the job done on-time and within our budget.

We also do not state this braggingly. We state these examples so our clients, current and future, understand that we are there for them. We WORK for our clients. WE DON’T QUIT! We know that our clients rely on us to deliver and meet our needs. And we don’t sit back and idly collect checks from our clients. We WORK to meet their needs on-site and remotely.